Play2Pay is the first company to gamify getting your bills paid

Consumers save hundreds of dollars a year on their service provider bills by using Play2Pay

play2pay mobile app
Play2Pay enables consumers to reduce their monthly recurring bills.

On their mobile devices, users can earn bill credits by:

  • Discovering Apps
  • Playing Games
  • Completing Special Offers

Tap over a pain point to see the Play2Pay™ solution.


Willing to exchange their time for value, especially if its fun!

Pay Bills

Users convert engagement into monthly recurring bill payments


Seek new channels to connect with customers over mobile and in apps

Engaged Users

Discover and play the most popular apps and games on their devices

Service Providers

Seek improvements in customer acquisition and retention

Happy Customers

Users love the service with 4.5 star reviews received consistently

Users discover the most popular apps and games

Proprietary features to maximize user engagement

Opt-in and rewarded user insights and data capture

Fully configurable experience based on service provider

Pre-loaded and marketing by Tier-1 service providers

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