Service Providers

A win-win for service providers and their customers

With Play2Pay, service providers improve customer:

Improve customer retention

Improve customer satisfaction

Reduce the number of bill non-payment


Average Bill Subsidy


Bill Credits Paid Out


Weekly Engaged Users

How Our Platform Works for Service Providers

User Value Prop

Users earn bill credits towards their monthly bill by playing games on their devices and discovering apps and branded content

Management & Promotion

Play2Pay app is managed by Play2Pay, promoted by its Tier-1 Service Provider partners and accessed by their subscribers

Commercial Model

Play2Pay funds end users’ monthly bill credits with gaming revenue, and charges ZERO to the Service Providers and their subscribers

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Service Providers
Our Distribution

Play2Pay partners with Tier-1 wireless carriers and service providers and is currently available on ~13 million US Android devices.

Helps Service Provider subscribers pay their monthly bills

Improves customer acquisition, retention & satisfaction

Backed by ex-CEOs of Fortune 500 service providers


Find out more about our distribution with Tier-1 wireless carriers.

Cable & Internet

Discover the possibilities our platform  provides for Cable & Internet Providers.


Learn about how Play2Pay can deliver benefit for Energy & Utility providers.