Service Providers

A win-win for Service Providers... and their Customers

With Play2Pay™, Service Providers:

Generate New Revenue Streams

Grow Their Customer Base

Realize Revenue Expansion

Incur Zero Costs On Received Payment Transactions


Average Customer Bill Savings


Revenue Expansion

Up to 44%

Churn Reduction

How Our Platform Works for Service Providers

Platform Integration

We create a white-label app for your brand and/or Play2Pay’s platform is integrated into your existing customer app via SDK.

User Interaction

Users earn points for engagement via games, surveys, videos and special offers.

Payment Transactions

Points are redeemed for payments, discounts on the customer’s bill, free data, or other rewards. Many customers cover their entire monthly bills.

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Our Global Presence

Exclusive contracted global subscriber reach

Service Providers generate a new revenue stream while growing their customer base through a differentiated offering, realizing 14-17% revenue expansion via transacting users.

Zero-cost payment transaction for Service Providers.

Up to 44% lower monthly churn rate for users on the Play2Pay platform.


Find out more about our current platform deployments with World-Class Wireless Carriers.


Learn about how the Play2Pay™ platform can benefit Utility Companies across the Globe.

Cable & Internet

Discover the possibilities our White Label app could provide for Cable and Internet Providers.