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Privacy Policy USA

We Are Very Serious About Your Privacy

Play2Pay, Inc. and its business affiliates (“We”) are firmly committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, including any information you share with us or other users.   This Privacy Policy describes our information gathering, use and sharing practices for this website, mobile device applications (apps) that operate using Play2Pay services and related services of our business affiliates (collectively “Website & App”).

By accessing the Website or using our App on your mobile device or computer, you accept this Privacy Policy and agree to the terms, conditions and notices contained in it. 


What Information Is Covered By This Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy privacy covers all Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) that you may provide and we may collect when you use our Website & App. This policy also covers our treatment of any PII that our business affiliates share with us or we share with them.


What Information Do We Collect?

  1. Information Related To Our Services

    When you subscribe to our services and register with our Website and/or download or install our App, you are asked to provide certain personal information, including your name, address, email address, phone numbers, occupation, hobbies, interests, your likes and dislikes and personal profile data.  In the future, you may also be asked to provide credit card or other financial information for the conduct of transactions with us and payments for services. Our Website and App also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, browser type and cookie information, as well as certain actions you may take in connection with any delivered advertisement content about certain goods and services. We use this information to personalize the content you see, to fulfill your service requests, to inform you of updates about your activities and changes to our services, to alert you to news and activities, provide more personal content for you, including goods and services that may be of interest to you, and to offer any suggestions about other products and services we believe may also be of interest to you, based on your specified preferences and your choices.  We may also collect information about your activities on our Website and App, communications and interactions with us, responses to the goods and services that are provided through our Website and App, specific actions or likes and dislikes that you may indicate while using our Website or App, as well as the feedback information that you may volunteer to leave.

  2. Aggregate Information

    We may collect certain information about all users, such as the number of visits to our Website and use of our App, what services of features users access the most, what type of communications and contacts are most popular among users, what type of content or advertisements are enjoyed, liked or most frequented by our users. We only use such data anonymously and in the aggregate. This information helps us create a better overall user experience for all users of our Website and App. We may share this information with our business affiliates, but only in the aggregate, so that they may also understand how our visitors use our Website and App., and how they respond to certain delivered ad content.


What Do We Keep And Under What Circumstances?

General Disclosure

We do not sell or provide identifiable information (PII) from our users to third parties without consent, unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy.

We may use personal information that you provide to us as part of our services to you and to improve your experience and enjoyment of the Website and App, and personalized goods and services ads that are provided using our Website and App.  For example, we may use your preferences, likes and dislikes to target better content, including goods and services, to you, through our Website and App. We may also use SSL (“Secure Socket Layer”) or some other type of encryption to safeguard your credit card data when used in E-commerce transactions, and we may utilize encryption techniques to safeguard your username and password used in connection with the Website and App.

We may record and share aggregate information with our business affiliates.

We may also disclose your PII or aggregated information about our users pursuant to a law, regulation or written request to a governmental agency, or pursuant to a subpoena or court order demanding and requiring such disclosure.  Furthermore, we may use any PII or aggregate information about users in any action or lawsuit involving our Website or App services.  We will make full effort to keep any legal disclosures protected from the broad public dissemination and subject to confidentiality obligations protecting private and personal information.

Sharing Information With Our Business Affiliates And Consultants

We may employ other companies or consultants to assist us in performing services and functions on our behalf. For example, companies or individuals may provide or assist with supporting and providing services for your wireless device, hosting our Website and App, backup, servers, providing marketing services, processing credit card payments and other business and financial transactions and related services. These companies may be granted access to your PII and aggregate information as necessary to perform their functions, but we will make full effort to assure that your PII remains safe.


To enhance your experience with the Website and App, and enable better services through the Website and App, we may use a feature on your Internet browser called a “cookie.”  Cookies are small hidden files that your web browser places on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies for remembering your preferences, profile data, communications, access dates and time, tracking visits to understand better visitor behavior, and planning for increased loads on our servers.  Because of our use of cookies, we can deliver a faster and more efficient services through our Website and App, safer and quicker transactions and a more personalized user experience.  You have the option of setting your browser to reject cookies. However, doing so may hinder your ability to or use offered services, and taking full financial and other advantages offered to you by our Website and App services.

Limited Use Of Information After The Termination Of Services

We may keep certain PII you have given us for at least as long as you remain an active user of our Website or App services, either directly or through the communications services provider.  We may also keep your PII for a certain limited time after the termination of your services, primarily for accounting, resolution of any pending disputes between you and any other users of our services, for tax-related purposes and to resolve any technical issues.  We do not allow your personal information, profile data or other PII to be visible to other users of our Website or App once you have terminated your services with us.

Updating Account Information

You may update, modify or add personal information through the Website and App at any time.  To do so, simply logon to the Website or through the App with your username and password, and you will be able to update or modify the information you have submitted.  Please make sure that your username and password are secure and protected, and do not share or disclose it to anyone other than yourself or your authorized persons.


Privacy Policy Changes

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes here, as our Privacy Policy, so that you will always have full disclosure about what PII and other information we collect, how it might be used, and under what circumstances we may disclose it to anyone.

We use reasonable precautions to keep personal information disclosed to us secure. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or wrongful acts of third parties, or any disclosures you may make on your own.

This privacy policy is not intended to, and does not, create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party to this Agreement or any third party.  The terms of this Privacy Policy are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the End User Agreement, governing the relationship with and conduct of services with our users.

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement at any time without prior notice, and such changes become effective once a revised Privacy Policy is posted on our Website or downloaded with our App or upgrade.  If you continue use of our Website or App after the revisions are made to the Privacy Policy, it shall constitute your acceptance of such changes.